List of edits in which the segments are found. In xsls


I would like from a Shot sequence to be able to recover for each segment, the list in xslx of the clips in which they are found. Via a python script accessible from a right-click on the shot-sequence

SH_0010 present in the clip Edit_01, Edit_03…
SH_0020 present in the clip Edit_10, Edit_05…

Thank you

Salut Sebastien!

Please fill a General Request on flame-feedback since I doubt Python API is capable of extracting the relationship of connected segments. That would be a very welcome addition.

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This is an example of how you can achieve the part needed using the Flame API:

In the Flame Python Console you can execute this (please note that you will need to intend rows 2, 3, and 5 by 4 characters and row 4 by 8 characters):

import flame

for clip in flame.timeline.current_segment.connected_segments():
parent = clip.parent
while ((isinstance(parent, (flame.PyClip)) != True) and parent):
parent = parent.parent

Here’s a file that you can put in /opt/Autodesk/shared/python to get the same as a custom action. Note that this one will print the name of the segments in the shell/terminal you used to launch Flame.

You will need to adapt it to propagate the information to an Excel document. (977 Bytes)


Hi Fred,
Thank you very much, I will be able to have fun for this last day before my vacation.
Have a good day.