New FLAME CAPSULE - Exporting a sub-clip from a sequence with source metadata - Flame 2021.1

Hi all,

This weeks Flame capsule is a workflow tip that may help loads of you working in and out of Flame with other applications :slight_smile:

The video shows you how to export a sub-clip extracted from a sequences with the original source media’s metadata.

In previous versions of Flame, extracting any segment from the sequence would name the sub-clip after the sequence. This has now been changed to name a sub-clip after the original source clip.

Secondly, when it comes to exporting, there are a bunch of new source media export presets which use the source metadata of the sub-clip and not the sequence metadata (which is also available in the sub-clip)

So it should be easier to sync and match source media going in and out of Flame during production.

Stay safe and enjoy!

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