Glases Reflections

I’ve got an evil unforgiving glasses reflection to lose. If it were sunglasses i would normally track a new 3D plane then create a new fake refection matted back in but in this case not so easy.

It’s a 35 frame shot whith a guy looking at camera and right over his moving eyes is a boom operator!

At the moment i’m looking at adding a hilight over the top of the offendeding boom op but i fear it look a little fake. I’ve tried a Max/Lighten blend with a similar colour and thats not really working. Apart from frame painting which i think will boil has anyone got any tricks i may not have thought of?

Super appreciative as always.

I had a horrible one a few months ago, although it was slightly forgiving, I did a few clean frames and then ML morph between them, then worked on top of that. Worked surprisingly well


It’s funny you say that. I’ve just used a DEAL node split out 7 frames and TW them back. It’s given me confidence it’s going to work. Your suggestion of using the ML TW is ace. I shall step it up notch.


Afraid to say, as an amateur clairvoyant, I see lots of manual work on this.


Rotomaker is pretty good at these kinds of shots.


I usually find that I can planar track the glasses frame and nose to stabilize → paint → unstab


Ive just used these guys on a another project. I have to say the work they did what wizadry. Super impressed and they may well have some glasses to fix soon. :slight_smile:

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