GPU Vram clogging up

Hi all!

Just a quick question in regards to Vram bottlenecking.

Would it help if I had a GPU with a larger amount of Vram (a6000 48gb) or would a faster GPU (4090 24gb) be better?

I’m currently using an A5000 24gb.

It would be great to get people’s thoughts, opinions and any experience on this.



more Vram.

The more the better!

I would like to use this thread also here in order to get an understanding about the shared memory behavior of the Apple Silicon design architecture if you agree @andrewc.

Did anybody was able to compare the memory behavior of having not sufficient VRAM avail on an nVidia GC and then tried this task to be done on a 128gb or 64gb shared memory Apple Silicon hardware instead? This question is not about speed, it is about using theoretically a higher VRAM limitation of an M2 Ultra for example and if this is managed sufficiently to work with it.

Dang!! I thought that might be the case. I will have to put up with restarting flame then.

Thanks for the quick response @ALan @naveen

@Waldi - definitely use the thread. Would be interesting to see how it all compares.