Grading Movie

Working on a 4k movie, 79 minutes long. I’ve got over 300gb of ram. In the past I’ve broken up the film into 20 min chunks. Any suggestions? Is it necessary to break it up?

Nope. I’ve graded 135mins 4k on the timeline on my MacStudio M1 128 gigs of ram with no problems

Thanks Johnag.

I graded a 2 hr movie on a Smoke 2012 with no problems at all.

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Well… I’ve graded a 90 min doco on smoke (v5 ??) on a Tezro in hd with no problem.

haha beat that.

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Graded the first Cinealta feature with @Bjorn_Benckert on Onyx2.

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I did “The Maltese Falcon” on an etch-a-sketch.


That’s why it looks so damn good!

1bit CC

i am the head of windows movie maker at my company and i just did a 4500 min feature in 120K on my surface pro 2 :sunglasses:

j/K you are fine did a 90min doc on flame on a macbook once.