4k r3d

Hi all,
This is primarily a NUKE question (I know, et tu Brute) but Flame comments also super welcome.
Anyone worked with 4K Red files recently and perhaps come across anything they tripped over?
I’m a little concerned about how slow things can move whilst working remotely.
Please share your thoughts.

Just working with 4.8K RED at the moment.
No problems in 2020.3 so far…

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Got great internet up and down? Got fast storage?

I work with R3ds everyday, no problems really other than understanding what color settings you need. I’ve been using ACES lately, so all the color settings at import are basically handled.

Also, I’m on a trashcan and can playback realtime with 1/4 debayer 5k files off our server…any higher debayer and I have to cache footage.

Randy, if your new Mac Pro can playback full debayer RED in realtime I may place my order today, lol.

I thought I did. Will come in on harddrive anyway.

That really made me chuckle, Jason. I’d defo quarter. Randy probaly operates a space ship…

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Send me a shot! I never work with r3ds.

Crazy clients and crazy schedules require crazy solutions. :slight_smile:

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Did your client give you specs for your renders? I wonder if they understand that you won’t be able to write out R3D files of your comps. If they’re not very knowledgable about their workflow, they might be assuming you can write out R3D. That’s not possible, so whatever your color settings are in Nuke will be baked into your comps and will possibly be a lot of work for a colorist to match to the non-VFX shots.

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That is an excellent point, Greg. Producer is indeed unsure of the workflow. I thought it best from the start if they put me in touch with the colourist and the editor and between the three of us we can work out how to best support each other. But wouldn’t it be nice to just get it right the first time? So all of these red flags I can straightaway bring to their attention and find a solution. Thanks, guys!

*I just assumed it lives in the realm of .exr, never thought of exporting R3D, but now I’ll know not to even try haha, cheers

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Honestly, I would have a long discussion with the colorist about alternative workflows—mainly one by which they push out flats as dpx or prores444 that you work with rather than dealing with the r3d maze you’re about to enter. Ultimately there’s a lot of settings that you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with that will be of penultimate importance to the colorist, so rather creating a messy situation, let color debayer into a place they feel comfortable with and then you can pick it up from there.

My 2 cents


This is why I’ve never worked with R3Ds…we shouldn’t be! Unless we are grading it ourselves.

My favorite line in this situation, to my client or producer who refuses to or can’t connect us all for a prepro before any work is started… “That’s okay, we don’t have to figure it out now. But I’m going to guess and if I’m wrong, it’s time and a half when I have to redo it.”


One day my boss, the company owner/creative director, came in with a light in his eyes that could only mean something bad was about to happen. This was probably 2008 or 9, not long after the red rocket was released I think.

“Have you seen how small r3d files can get? We’re going to re-encode all of our historical final masters in r3d and start delivering that way from now on.”

I don’t even remember what I said, I think I just stared at him.


Hey Randy,

If you get a free minute, I’ve uploaded an r3d file for you to test…basically, I’m curious at what debayer settings the new Mac Pro will play it back in realtime.

For the test, my usual project setup is a 1080 HD project, 16bit, ACES color policy.

Ideally, I’d ask that you import the clip at a few different debayer sizes (quarter, half premium and full), then throw it on a 1080 timeline so there’s a resize timeline effect…on my trashcan, I’ll get playback with a quarter debayer r3d but it chokes on anything larger.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Thanks so much for testing this, I REALLY appreciate it!

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Okay, so playing your clip straight from my Highpoint NVME RAID 0 w/ x4 Samsung Pro sticks, your clip plays back no sweat with Full Debayer and Maximum Noise at 16bit. It does appear to be using both GPUs for the Debayer.


Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.11.50 PM

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That’s awesome! Thanks for testing…I guess it’s time to hit the buy button.

I have to say I’m surprised that it would be using both gpus…I didn’t think flame recognized the second one.

I have dual d700s and the second gpu is always idle in Flame.

Thanks again!

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Yeah, I was surprised too. I have two Mac Pros with different specs…let me know if you need more science.

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I’m pretty flexible tomorrow so if you want to team viewer in or some thing and poke around you’re more than welcome to.

Thanks Randy, that’s very generous…although I think the writing is on the wall, just need to crack open the wallet lol.

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I require more science.

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