Gradually apply stabilise including scale

Hey. Trying to gradually apply a pos/rot/scale stabilisation to a shot using a 0 to 1 multiplier for all values. Can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this with scale. Anyone know?

I use a separate axis to collect my tracking data (Called Tracker in my expressions) then use expressions modified by a dummy axis or variable, in the axis that controls the position of the image I want to variably stabilize. I scale X and Y separately. In the scaling.x the expression is ((10000/Tracker.scaling.x)*(modifier*.01))+(100-modifier). Substitute y for x for the scaling.y.


I have a fully working setup for this if you would like to either use it or just look at it and make your own. (9.3 KB) In this case, the modifier is the position.z channel of Tracker. If it is 0, there is no affect on the stabilization. If it is 100, the image will be fully stabilized.


Thank you YTF. This works exactly!


just found this , works great , thanks!!

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another banger @ytf - using this today. thx

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Glad to see this is still getting some mileage. I think I made the original in 2004 or so.

Do you guys ever use the auto stabilizer node set to smooth and animate the smoothness key frame?

I’ve used the autostabilizer about 3 times in my life.

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autostab is great for that if it can complete the analyze all the way through but i find even adjusting the tolerance or using an alpha lots of times it cannot do it except for really simple shots.

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