Auto Stabilize and Axes


Is there a way to use AutoStabilize node and then import the data into an Action Axis?

I tried copying each channel (X, Y, Scale and Rotation) but it doesn’t seem to work. Even negated those channels.


i haven’t tried this…just guessing…can you copy and paste the keyframes from each channel in the Animation Editor?

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Whilst I have no evidence I don’t believe that’s going to work. And the only reason I feel that way is because I figured someone else would’ve said that they figured it out or use that at this point in that nodes lifecycle

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Like i said…was taking a wild guess. Occasionally it pays off!

In a worst case you can always run an unperturbed uv map through the auto stab and use that result to push your pixels around.

why not just 3d stabilize in action that might be easier.

Well I liked the “auto” part of it. And it did a perfect job!

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