Stabilising shaky footage

Hi hive, been away for longer time, doing Flame-unrelated stuff. Now working on a campaign saving the peatlands, I’m receiving handheld video footage that desperately needs stabilisation. How do we do that in 2023? AutoStabilize is more miss than a hit. Don’t want to ask PremierPro for help.


Sorry because is the answer you don’t want hear, but warp stabilize of after effects or premiere works awesome. It saved my ass with long and complicated footage. Slow to analize but you can play with parameters and see the results and compare, because they are separate processes. . It’s good even without warping method. It’s the closest to “hit and go” that I know. Of course, it doesn´t fix motion blur problems.

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Thanks, @kily . I used it, and it does what I want. But I’d like to stay inside Flame. Any cool tricks?

You can do camera stabilizes, but they’re almost certainly more work than bouncing it over to Adobe since you’ll need a solid camera track.

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You can also stabilize with motion warp tracking. I’ve had surprising success with this a couple times, especially playing with the softness parameters etc after the fact. One time-- I did this by mistake-- I stabilized with a planar track before hand, scaled appropriately to remove the black edges and THEN-- again this was by mistake-- did the motion warp stabilized. It looked great…

@andy_dill Though with the camera stabilize, you’re only going to be able to be stable in one depth plane of the image, right? Like skewing x/y rotation are still going to be making weirdness if they’re not in the plane, unless there’s an awesomeness that I’m not aware of!

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In addition to these comments, I’d also suggest trying stabilizing with gmask tracer. Track a plane in tracer or action, toggle Invert on the axis. That will stabilize it based on that plane. With an expression you can dial in how much stabilization you want.

To unstabilize, add an action with the same, but with Invert untoggled in the axis.


I usually do a 1 point stabilize on my main subject then dial it in or out with an expression. I think I posted the setup the other day in another thread. (Gradually apply stabilise including scale) It’s not the “best” but it sure as hell is the fastest.

Thanks a lot! Downloaded the script.

What system are you grading in?
If Resolve, the automatic stabilization in that is pretty good too.

Hi Greg Paul… Curious as to what your expression for something like this may look like?

I’ve been doing most of my stabilizing in Mocha these days. It has really great controls for dialing in or out how much “shakiness” you want in a shot. Here’s a tutorial: