Green screen Canon C500 mk11


I have been asked what file format to be supplied for a green screen shot with a Canon c500 mkii

The shoot is just 1 person at a time in mid-shot talking to camera.

Director wants to shoot 4k as there is no time to shoot multiple takes and needs to punch in for editorial.

Delivery is social media HD

The camera spec is

Do you think I should get the DOP to shoot cinema raw? Does flame even read cinema raw??

Is there time to request he shoots a couple of tests for you to check?

Possibly. He may not like to do it though.

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Seems a reasonable ask…he effectively wants to shoot vfx, he should expect a little testing to ensure the result is what he wants! No such thing as a simple greenscreen.

4:2:2 nooooooo

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Does Flame read canon cinema raw

I got some test footage and quite frankly cannot see any difference with the raw vs 10 bit other that the raw is true 4k and yhe 10 bit is UHD. Master keyer on each file looked the same and so was the grain structure.

There was a little difference in the “feel” when grading the highlights but was still able to achieve the same look

this is a social spot only and talking head to camera. Im not going to bother with the raw workflow

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