Canon .CRM import

Just received a bunch of greenscreen supplied as Canon Raw .CRM
Anyone got any tips on getting this into Flame?

Convert them in Resolve to something Flame can read, like proRes with some standard colorspace like Alexa LogC.
Or drastik mediareactor for Flame can help.

But I’d choose first option

Thanks Val - thought that would be the case but was hoping for easier solution - got about 100 clips so better get started :frowning:

I’d say it will take 5 minutes for Resolve project setup + some time for rendering (on a beefy system should be faster then real time). And, if you fine with UHD file resolution free version will do the job.

6k unfortunately and I need the res. what about export as proRes 4444 out of premiere?

If it could decode this files to something known to Flame colourspace wise - you good to go. Never use Premiere for such type of a job. And, maybe, it would be better to use Media Encoder to get batch encoding

Yes I meant batch out thru via Media Encoder. It will do it but colour space Export options are only:
Rec 709, Rec 2100 HLG and Rec 2100 PQ.
I tested Rec 709 and still appears as log when imported into Flame as unknown?

Need to see it in person and do some test, sorry. Is there a chance you could share one file?

Media Encoder is a prosumer product in my humble opinion. Great for deliverables but I wouldn’t approach it with a 2 meter (6 foot) stick for transcoding original material. Remember the render quality options on Adobe products: good, better, best… :smiley:
Resolve would be your best option…


haha I hear you Sinan but working remotely with no access to Resolve Studio (6K clips).
tested ME with 16bit proRes max render quality output and seems to be all good

I managed it recently Mike, using Affinity pro…workflow discussed here…although I needed them to come in linear so had to go this route

Thanks Paul. I’m comping in ACEs cg but I ended up using Canons Cinema Raw Development app to transcode to proRes 4444 keeping shooting settings. Apart from loads of processing time it’s working a treat

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That’s cool Mike, thanks, I will also check the canon cinema raw thing out then for next time !