Gyro data in flame

Since the alexa35 has gyro data (the LF did not due to previous german export laws classifying anything above X pixels that can save gyro data as a weapon) , I wonder where I should start looking at in getting this data into flame, should I look into externallt creating a action axis from it or what?

Also can i access this metadata in flame from like a arriraw or mxf prores file or do I have to export it as a csv first? :thinking:

Lets discuss this could really be great for those wuick stabilize shots where all that matters is that its better than premieres warp stabilizer … Happy to have a stab at it, got some 35 footage on a ucrane to mess with


Yes it will be great to do something similar to what Resolve doe with The 6K Pocket. It is not perfect, but it helps.
If you save EXRs out of the raw files , keeping the giro metadata, we can take a look at reading that with python.


I’ve not tested this (if it works at all) but maybe Gyroflow can help you? It has an openfx plugin as well.


its an interesting idea , keep us updated !

gyro data as a weapon … get this , playstation 2 was military grade equipment as well

I put in a feature request for Flame to read the gyroscopic data from Blackmagic (I have a 6kPro) as Resolve does, here:


anyone else getting hungry for Gyros on here? i am.