Smooth Cam in Flame... Machine learning maybe soon?

Hello Everybody :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone has nice tricks to smooth “shaky” cam.
I’m working on one process but still not convincing me.

It looks like :
Shaky Cam Source > Motion Analysis > Action [source into input 1 / Motion Analysis into Input 2]
Into ACTION : add a motionVectors Map on the surface1 (with Forward/Backward reading)
On Surface1, Tracking Mode MotionWarp, add Reference at frame 1 (why not) / Softness 2%

Invert motionvectors map to reintroduce the motion and play with smoothness / blur to footage

problem : the motion analysis works at the footage resolution.
i tried Autostabilize but it doesn’t work in every cases.
2dtransform is great but…

Is there any ML stab working already we could use in Flame like fluid morph or Tw ML?

Thank you

Hi Shiver!
in such cases, track your footage and use jitter function in animationCh … give a value between 8-25 and press jitter (before you do that, pls save your Trackingdata), for re-use reasons (try out for right value).
do 3D CamTrack, project it on to a surface and reshoot it (averaged(animationCh Tracked Camera data?!


Thank you Stephan,
I used Jitter sometimes.
Your second trick is interesting. I’ll try it :slight_smile:

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