HDR Macbook LG B7 Oled

Ok so, really really long shot but I guess you guys are my “only” hope.

I want to activate HDR mode with my 2018 macbook pro 15" connected to a LG B7 OLED TV.

can anyone with the same setup confirm that you get a HDR option when they connect their tv? I tried catalina and bigsur now, bo dice nada no option pops up …

Same hdmi cable works on appletv, windows pc and the usb-C to hdmi adapters (all 3 ! ) work on a lenovo laptop for HDR…

I will try to borrow a original apple usbC to hdmi adapter next (that thing is 80$ or something… wow)

I even tried to connect a fake edid hdmi splitter that works on all other devices and shows “hdr” just the macbook… nothing dead. Accordung to apple it should work.

What I want to try is to comp on a HDR screen using nukes new experimental “EDR” feature where they send a extended sRGB signal to the monitor hoewever that works (i want to find that out) , its liek srb but in float.

I’d try SwitchResX before changing cables. Sometimes this software makes miracles when it comes to display connected to mac. Never tried it with something related to HDR thou. They had time-limited demo available

yea I tried that even just sending 1080p to the lg its all 10bit and the same cable work on all the windows devices , but on macos no dice no hdr option at all, also tried the new m1 macbook pro and also no hdr option .

I got a friend with the official apple adapter maybe that will work.