HDR remote review workflows

Hi hive,

What process are you using to have clients review HDR work?
Currently we ship calibrated ipad prox XDRs and we ask em to login remotely to a baselight review system, which only works LIIVE. This works really nice and is extremely accurate. But it only works live, cant send a screener or anything, plus tahts onl Baselight and I want to setup a flame workflow for this.

Hopefully sending some kind of quicktime to some mac? Unsure about all the pitfalls, hence why I am asking here. Any insight would be super welcomed.

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Quicktime , prores works fine
H265 works fine (just need to make sure its 10bit)

frame.iO works as well. on that same iPad no problem or a macbook, whatever.

you just need to have correct metadata then itll work.

for flame 2025 its super simple to stream live HDR if you find a platform that takes SRT and shows it live, 2025 has ndi5 which can do 10bit, then you can use OBS to convert that into SRT and inject hdr metadata as well.

i made my own streaming solution and it can also do hdr live :


pw: testhdr

in general you want to have stuff correctly tagged in flame timeline and then use quicktime compatible button this will put metadata in there telling quicktime its HDR, you can press cmd+i in quicktime to see the nclc codepoints.

another way is to modify the qt metadata is amxcdpatcher

in general/ on macOS PQ “isnt used” - they use EDR which is like a extended float buffer for sRGB curve, so you need to use reference mode in the iPad and XDR monitors to get absolute PQ rendering and not a relative to whatever the person has set their screen luminance to represenation, if you make the screen luminance full power on a apple device it sets sdr peak to its max value , which sets diffusewhite in HDR and then there is no highlight range left so it gets tonemapped down

this effect fades in/out on older macs and lcd based macbook airs and such as it raises the backlight power while dimming the UI - its nifty.


It’s pretty good. It still has the bounds of what the remote device can do, in terms of the MaxCLL & MaxFALL of the remote device but as long as everyone is aware of that then it works reasonably well. Let’s just say that it is a shit tonne better than when someone gets sent a SDR render of the grade that they then watch on a laptop and decide the grade isn’t right…

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