HDR Metadata Linux Blackmagic

Hey guys, just trying to experiment with the flame HDR tools, ive got a custom older testmachine with a 1080ti and a Decklink mini monitor 4K , Ive connected a Lg OlED via HDMI and it works great in resolve, I activate HDR metadata over HDMI and it kicks my TV into HDR mode.

I cant find anything in flame to enable this, is this “hdmi tunneling” thats only supported on AJA? I thought tunneling is for using the ICMU instead of the tonemapper in the TV or something? Not sure.

I downloaded and installed Desktopvideo 11.5 as per flame installation instructions but its rather old by now?

I am also forced to run “base” flame 2021 as I thats the only thing I can get through my education license, no point updates for me :slight_smile:

It kicks out a PQ signal but my TV is not smart enough to go into HDR mode and I havent found a manual override for that in the TV…

thank you

(i7 5820K 6core , 32G ram, 1080ti, CentOS7.6 freshly installed from scratch, newest DKU , flame 2021)

I feel like @eric_mason knows something about this. We were talking about it like a year ago.

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I’m not familiar with your display, but to the best of my knowledge, you’ll need to manually override those settings on your TV. I was never successfully able to send HDR metadata over HDMI. Whenever you’re sending a PQ signal, you’d just flip your broadcast monitor to the appropriate setting.

Ah thats what I though, Its just a consumer TV so it doesnt have the option, but I guess there might be a hidden service menu using a universal IR remote…

Too bad, resolve just has a hutton for it

Yeah, at one studio that I needed to master HDR out of flame, I had a sony bvm-x300 and a nice panasonic oled, both had manual controls…

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also seems to be , after reading some stuff in LiftGammaGain that the resolve send metadata stuff is a bit wonky, but I can buy a thing called HD fury to send whatever metadata I want… like a injector… sure whatever works, kinda bummed that this doesnt just work :stuck_out_tongue:

As the documentation about HDR states, HDMI Tunneling is only supported on AJA hardware. Give the doc a look, it contains tons of good stuff :wink:

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Yea I saw that but I wasnt sure what HDMI tunneling even means, so it means that “putting in HDR metadata into the HDMI stream” is one of those things that go with HDMI tunneling :stuck_out_tongue: I thought its something else cause its limited to like 1080 and a old dolby version…

My TV just wont kick into HDR mode if I dont give it that metadata, but apprently I can inject it using a HD Fury thingy, which costs more than my playout card… I dont know , kinda a lot to just “get to know the tools”

I believe the home theater world might have a solution for you.

It will act as a ‘HDR Metadata injector’.
I make no promises. But I had a similar problem with my projector (flame wasn’t involved) and this thing solved it. Eventually a firmware update on the projector eventually made it unnecessary.

thanks, their product range confused me a looot, this seems to be ok-ish costs wise , I will try to find more info on how to get into the service menu first of all however, if I can just force 1 HDMI to be HDR that would be enough I recon.

The bane of working with consumer hardware 10% the cost 90000% the hassle :stuck_out_tongue:

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We have a few different of the HD Fury boxes. Not easy to work with either. It kind of does what we want, but my co-worker says it resets itself every time the power is pulled. I just think he is fucking up though.

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yea I red mixed reviews, was able to kick the LG into HDR mode at least using a hdmi splitter that seems to hold whatever metadata comes in first, so I triggered it with resolve and then it stayed there.

That said its really a bit useless to try and see what hdr tools do on the LGs as they will just auto adjust themselves(ABL) much more useful to just look at HDR scopes instead to understand the tools… sigh, not ready to buy a HX310, but I want to be ready when clients come knocking once we have HDR commercials, I dont think its too far out honestly, not for TV but for web content, most phones should be able to do HDR now, so just waiting for instagram etc to catch up…

With Sony OLED tv, you can manually force a specific HDR mode.