iPhone 12 Pro Dolby HDR footage into Flame

Hi All

Did any of you manage to import Dolby Vision HDR iPhone 12 clips into Flame yet? Do they have to be converted to a particular codec? At the moment Flame does not see them

Thanks a lot!:sunglasses:


they are HEVC , they load just fine into resolve I would just convert them to something there :slight_smile:

Thanks Finn. I can convert them in AE, but does it matter what I convert them to?.. a format that might preserve more HDR data, for example. Since Flame now masters in Dolby vision, I was sort of expecting a Dolby codec for import, no?


Yip seems that way, cheers Quinn👍

yea, it doesnt matter as long as its 10bit 422 you wont loose anything.

The metadata is just for a hdr-> sDR (or hdr to not-so-bright-hdr screens ) downconversion/tonemapping and its not really clear how to even read and use that metadata, once you adjust anything you will need to re run the dolby analyzer etc… so reading/writing of this metadata is very much new territory. and for sure no use in flame right now. Thinkt he only app that reads it is iMovie…

I even asked dolby about this. and they reffered me to this apple document

Thanks Finn, that’s what I needed👍

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