High-end Deep Fake in action

I am not sure this is the right place to post this but I thought I would share given there has been some interest in the past about AI based face replacement (aka deep fakes) and we finished a big job in which we really upped the bar generating 31 shots with a CGI character done as a deep fake.
Thanks to the help from some seasoned Flame artists present here that contributed and massaged the DF to be as good as possible, Hong Ru and Sinan in particular… Thanks for the top work guys!

Here is the links

To give you some background, the whole reason of using this approach was to match the actress performance and make it cheaper given the current state of the art CGI face is so time consuming and requires such big efforts in terms of animation.
The second reason was to give the director as much freedom filming as possible and the disco scene is a good example of it, doing it the traditional way would have meant to lock cameras and what not…

In any case, I want to extend the invitation to all of you that if you or the company you are working for are in need of high-end deep fake technology, don’t hesitate to reach out, we love collaborating with nice people on interesting projects.


PS. Please DM me or even better, email me to jordi@rohtau.com


Very impressive. I’m sure a lot of folks would be curious to know which shots were a purely 3D CG character, and which were enhanced DF’s…. Thanks for sharing.

All of them were DF, no 3D character at all.

There were a few far distant shots where it is so far we didn’t have to change it, plus she was inside the car, behind the window but we did 31 of those DF shots so yes, pretty insane.

The things I am most produce is the stability of it all, the high resolution we achieved (normally the resolution s quite shitty) and the enhancements the Flame team did to skin, lips, cheeks and eyes to make sure it all felt as natural as possible without making her human.

Probably something to clock on a 2nd viewing, you will notice she get bit by bitmore real and more real without becoming a full person of course…


Thanks for the good words @jordibares . When we say character, we should make clear that a real actor was shot on set for all the shots and AI was used to generate the DF for the face of the character. Some massaging went into integrating the DF passes in Flame, integrating with lens flares in the party scene was challenging…

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Beautiful work, but I must admit I don’t follow the concept. Is the main character supposed to be some sort of CG/Pinocchio type that is gradually becoming more real over the course of the piece? Was the pitch was "instead of using makeup or prosthetics to make the talent look not-of-this-world, we’re going to deepfake her to make her look slightly like a video game character? No disrespect intended…it looks great. I just don’t understand the why.

The main character is a CG created Instagram model. A US-based Hatsune Miku if you will.

Skimming the Wikipedia and I don’t love how they ascribe agency to a made up character controlled by a man. Reading the “controversy” section makes me want to burn the world.


Ahhhh, I’ve once again done the classic “unhip old guy” thing. Thanks for the clarification!

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Don’t worry… I had the same thing… :slight_smile: (but I am ooold…haa…)

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Beautiful work!

Apologies for the delay… the idea is that the character leaves the “metaverse” to feel real things thanks to the new electric car (kind of like it opens the fabric of the metaverse) and she finds amazing things becoming more and more real as she experiences the world.

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