One of the better uses of deepfake technology I've seen in a while

Pretty clean too… Anyone we know work on this?

Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 5

edit: Skip to 1:45 to see it in action. H/T @chris


Apparently the outfit that made this video, Deep Voodoo also made all the Sassy Justice Videos…

Sassy Justice


Brilliant !

Older deep fakes I’ve watched fall apart because the lip-sync is off – but this clip accurately models high-frequency lip / tongue motions.

Amazing stuff!

Stick with the video until 01:45.

You can also see that they’ve kept anything from occluding his face or wiping past it (aside from when OJ first turns on). The face occlusions are the poison in the deep fake stuff I’ve seen.

Also the way his hair is graded down around the edges of his face help too…

If you haven’t seen those Sassy Justice episodes, some of the moments are pretty bonkers good from a technical standpoint.

  1. Just wow.
  2. We are so fucked.
  3. See 2

I don’t think 2 will hold… Deepfakes/ ML is moving so fast in just a few years it’ll be common in every piece of software we use. So I’m not sure a company like Deep Voodoo will be relevant then still unless they reeeeally stay ahead of the … gradient… :wink: … personally, I’m more ‘worried/ exited’ about Dall-E 2 …

I just saw this…. AMAZING!!!


It’s crazy, though deepfake mapping gets better and better, there’s still something a touch “uncanny valley” about them. Skin, eye reflections maybe? Ask me again in a couple years when it’s scary good.

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I guess I wasn’t really speaking of the tech. I was speaking of the effect on society. Can we ever believe what we are seeing anymore?

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We’ve been manipulated in many ways already forever… :slight_smile: … but yeah… this and machine learning in general will have a huge impact on society… a couple of years back at siggraph I listened to, I think it was, Kodak working on some block-chain tech to authenticate video… something like that could help…

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