De aging using ai

Hi folks,
we have several shots wherein we need to make the actress look younger.Shes not that old btw. She just needs to look fresh and young. We are removing the pimples etc through mask and offset techniques. The client wants the talent to look younger and we have tried crok beauty, a2 beauty etc, however they compare it to the original and it will look soft as she has nerves popping out when she talks, laughs etc mainly in her neck, forehead etc.
Now a days there is a lot of deaging happening using ai technology.
Is any of this possible on flame(i had seen something similar done on flame, dont know how to achieve it on flame, there is no ai tool that i am aware of, we are using flame2022 ) or is it only possible on nuke? Any other 3rd party softwares to do it?

All inputs are most welcome🙂 sorry for any typo… Fat fingers small keypad… Thanks in advance

If you want to use ai generative tools - do you have or can get footage of the actress when younger, you will need to edit together 5-6k frames worth. Then you could train a model that is younger than her current self to face replace. You can then kiss this new image render in and not necessarily use the entire face to keep realism up./ I use DeepFaceLab as an external software. it also requires at least a week to train depending on GPU and size of model of course.

Thanks a lot @theoman .
The 5to6k frames need to be random younger pics of the actress right?

Would like to try this.

differnt angles of her face, exactly. String it together shot after shot. kill any too motion blur frames etc… Read up on DeepFaceLab to get familiar etc