Hologram effect tips request

Hi Hive,
I’ve been asked to apply a hologram effect including the initializing reveal and apply a scanline effect. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to save me some time as this is out of my usual wheelhouse? Thanks in advance!

Can they provide reference? Asking for scanlines usually means they want Star Wars.

Since I posted my producer did provided a client note with photoshop effect / tutorial link for the ballpark of the desired effect, so I’m just figuring out the corresponding flame nodes at this point:

Despite the futuristic technology behind a hologram I find you cant go wrong with a little old skool VHS effect running through it. Oh and make it cyan. Nothing quite says the future like additive cyan with some scanlines and a little interference or distortion.

The Damage node can help you here with a stack of anolog video effects.

Good if you can have rays tracing back to a source and some glow.

This is absolutely because of Star Wars.

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It’s strange how things get absorbed into the lexicon: the limitations of 1970s technology are perpetuated because well probably because we haven’t invented this yet. If it was up to me I think I would have fun trying to invent a new look for this. Sadly, no-one seems to ask for this sort of thing in sessions. It’s always a quick panic and a YouTube clip because the client has bought into something or other and no one wants to upset the Apple cart or it’s going into research or it’s a no budget thing and the producer wants them out of the door because they’re taking the piss.

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A bit off topic. I really like the look of Wandavision. (specific parts, without spoiling)
Based on old CRT technology, mixed in with all kind of other stuff and pixelsort.
It also has a little bit of hologram feeling.

Pink floyd, eloquent as ever.

But yeah my level one hologram is a little simplistic @johnt ill agree. But more often than not if I get chance to come up with some alternative styles this’ll be the one that triggers the best response.

What about level two hologram then. A little more stylish.
A combination of atomise and either a displacement map or world p map with a healthy amount of RGB separation or chromawarp. Gives it some depth and atomise can make it feel low res but without the VHS effect.

Thanks for the link. I gave up with this series after one episode.

Not too sure what level two would be. I think I would start by imagining how it would be in real life. How it would be projected and why. If it must be from a light source then that would dictate the environment and effect. On the other hand it could be like an implanted effect like a paranoid Philip K Dick story which would also be fun: look real but the hologram might walk through solid objects a bit like Quantum Leap.

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