Home 10G Switch?

I’m looking for a little advice in upgrading my local wired network to 10ge because I have a few devices here that can handle it and think maybe the prices have come down enough to justify the upgrade here. The last time I looked into one for the office was 2016 and it was about $16k. I got on Amazon this eve and I saw some for as low as $200 that had two 10ge ports. Maybe someone has an opinion to share on this?


I use this at home:

Pretty happy with it.

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That pretty ideal - small and just a few ports! Looks like I’ll need SFPs…


Yes you will… they run pretty hot… make sure you have ventilation.

Noted. Thank you!

A lot of people like those MikroTiks. Factor in $50-$60 ish for SFP modules. And yes, Abel is right. Those things are hot AF!

If you are a tinkerer, and I suspect you aren’t, I’d recommend the Unifi world.

This one is small, is RJ-45, but is pricier.

Or you could go with this one…

I have a few more devices than most small switches support so I rock this one…

For a kinda prosumer level, Unifi is pretty great.


Cool! Thanks @milanesa and @randy for those links! They look like good options.

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That little Mikrotik is also PoE. The SFP cables are not to expensive, but cost can jump if you need RJ45 adapters.

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Also, ask one of our buddies if he has an extra one. Since he went freelance and bought his own gear he may have upgraded 10Gb switches.

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Josh, I just have a netgear one I picked up from B&H. Super simple, but the fan’s a little loud. $399


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I have this and works great


I have two of these Qnap 10g switches that have 4 ports. Quiet and reliable. Love them!

Main question is whether all your 10G capable devices are 10GBase-T (RJ-45), in which case you probably want to go with a 10GBase-T switch, or if you are going to have a mix of SFP+ and 10GBase-T.

I’ve used the 4 port Mikrotik, not only does it run very hot, but if you load it up with 4 x SFP+ to 10GBase-T modules (at the time was the cheapest option), it can actually fry itself (that happened to me). I wouldn’t deploy that switch with more than one of those modules.

I replaced it with the 8 port Netgear XS508M and that worked fine, and one of the ports is dual 10GBase-T / SFP+ in case you need that:

There’s also a cheaper 5 port model, the XS505M.

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All my devices are in fact RJ-45. I have a MacStudio, Synology, a MacMini and a MacBookPro (2.5Ge Dongle) and I think I’m probably going to go with the Unifi because it’s got some managed features and I can limit the traffic for the home office stuff within that device. I’m not sure yet if it can make VLANs to really wall off that traffic, but I have had one of their Wifi repeaters for many years and it’s excellent.

I really appreciate everyone’s comments on the SFPs running hot, and I did confirm with several sysadmin friends that’s the case. I can only imagine your Mikro melting…yikes! Its good to see you recommended the Netgear - it was also an option as were a few others including the QNAP, TP-Link and TRENDNet, but for nearly the same price having a few extra management features seemed like a good bet.


Yeah the Netgear is a dumb switch, so if you need VLANs, that’s not the one for you. And if everything is 10GBase-T, I’d definitely go for a 10GBase-T switch. Something to keep in mind is that since 2.5G/5G is a newer standard, you’ll want to make sure the switch you pick can negotiate those slower speeds, or you could get a 10GBaseT adapter for your MBP.

And for the ultimate home Flame (Linux) setup: Mikrotik just released a $699 4 x 100GbE switch

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