How does one make an MP4?

Delivery spec calls for an MP4 and in the past I’ve had h264 quicktimes bounced.

Should I use something like handbrake?

Change the extension

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seriously? cos that is awesome. :metal:

if its still and it works its not silly. Right? Somebody will probably tell me why thats a bad idea so do it now before the experts chime in.

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I mean, most delivery specs are completely random. “File cannot be bigger than 1.5gb but must be a prores at 4k” for example.

I have just changed the extension sometimes too :grimacing:
Today I like to go with Media Encoder and good prores exports from flame. Better control over Bitrate and you have a nice file size estimation.
Only disadvantage is the not adjustable NCLC tagging. But that topic is one of the largest here in the forum :sweat_smile:

Media encoder. Some of the traffic houses will bounce it back now with just an extension change.

I’m going to put in a feature request so that we can define the extension of a h264 export and the ability to define the bitrate.

Can we do that now? Is there a file somewhere I can change?? @fredwarren

Be able to change extension and bitrate would be useful, and maybe file in a feature request for h265 export profile, if is not already present in the 2022 release.

I tried for a long time to find a way to change the extension with no success.
Only for client review i rename the files to mp4 .
For delivery we usually export uncompressed file to a media encoder watch folder that compress the file and delete the the uncompressed source. It’s pretty fast once you set all the watch folder you need.

I manage to tweak the bitrate by modifying the values present in one of the profiles in this directory
@johnag see if that solves your problem for the moment, but external software offer more flexible solution unfortunately.

Thanks @Francesco.Bianco . So does that mean I can duplicate one of those presets and change the bitrate settings to what I want? Also I looked in one of the files to see if I could change the .mov extension to .mp4 but I couldn’t see a way to do it.

Yes, thats what i did. Duplicate and change bitrate settings.
I also looked for the extension metadata but is not present in any of the preset.
Maybe is something that could be added into the script but i have no clue if that would be possible or how to specify that.

Changing the extension will probably work on a Mac. However Windows boxes normally have trouble. VLC should play it. It’s always possible to use FFMPEG. It’s been a while but it is possible to run it command line and get good results. It’s fairly silly that flame doesn’t have it built in.

Another hack that occurs to me is to upload a prorez to YouTube then rip it.

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Just having a look at media encoder. Anyone up for sharing some profiles to the community?

All I want to make is a bunch of h264 presets (like what ME has) for youtube, client approvals etc. then that would be easier and more logical to use the export in Flame and no double handling.

Here is one I made that’s for sending to legals and has to be less than 10megs for a tvc. You will need to change the extension of this file to epr for import into media encoder as the website didn’t allow me to upload that file type.

Legal approval.xml (65.1 KB)

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Shutter encoder - basically a very sexy interface for ffmpeg has all the stuff you need and more and its free. and runs on centOS without even installing.

Once you have used it you will uninstall MediaEncoder from your life.

NCLC tagging is sort of supported, it at least keeps the nclcs from the source intact , I am working with the dev on this and I him some ffmpeg hints that he allready implemented :slight_smile:

for running it on centos

cd ‘directoryOfShutterEncoder’
chmod 755 ‘filename.extension’

replace stuff in qoutes ith actual name of the donloaded appimage file.


I’m going to put in a feature request so that we can define the extension of a h264 export and the ability to define the bitrate.
Can we do that now? Is there a file somewhere I can change??

There is already a request for mp4 export support: FI-01771. I think it is probably better to vote on that one (which you already did John)

Cool thanks @fredwarren. I guess I forgot as it was 2 years ago when that request was made. Hope it makes the cut soon.

thanks @finnjaeger, shutter encoder seems pretty cool!

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I usually just change the extension as well for quick client approvals.

For Mac folks, I created a Quick Action script thru Automater to convert .mov to .mp4 since I use it so much…makes it a right click option in Finder. Much quicker than re-typing extensions plus you can batch change them.

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