Best setting for H.264

Hello Guys.
What is the best H.264 export setup for general? Include Windows users.
I don’t want to convert to a thirdpary app.

No proper h264 .mp4 in Flame. Flame’s h264 is Quicktime-based, which no client can read. Totally unclear why this wasn’t addressed a decade ago. Please, Team, for god’s love, give us MP4 (which anyone else has).


I usually do a prores 422 export and use handbrake for mp4 conversions. If you are on a mac and have adobe media encoder you could use watch folders for automatically convert to a preset mp4.

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I’m not sure if you’re talking about the .mov wrapper here, but you can just rename it to .mp4 and it’ll work.

Obviously a pain to rename 100 deliverables but you can get a rename tool and it will rename all the files in a folder. It’s a pain but a workaround.

Hope that helps

There’s also a mov to mp4 renamer python scriot in the Logik Portal, which, as some pointed out, sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t for deliverables.

Also, @hansvons, since you’ve been asking for years you’ve definitely upvoted the Flame Feedback request, right? :slight_smile:

Been using python with FFMpeg for converting ProRes LT to mp4 files for posting, YouTube/Vimeo, etc. Works great and is one button press. Will work on a whole folder of clips. Happy to send it. Not all my work, some was with help of this community and some with Fred’s help to update to current version. FFMpeg needs to be installed on the Flame. Use it with Linux 7.6.
Until we get real .mp4s with the correct extension, I’ll stick with this.

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@randy I pseudonymously upvoted repeatedly the Flame Feedback request, kicked Stephane and did whatnot. To no avail.

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Ah. No wonder. Rumor has Stephane prefers massage not kicks. :+1:

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That’s what everybody kept saying to me. But I had one client on a rather long project that went on for 4 years with uncountable versions of uncountable films whose IT uncovered the fraud and shut that door for good. From there on only impeccable, transcoded MP4s.

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Hahahhahaha. Its not fraud. Were not trying to scam anyone. Its a valid solution sometimes. Other times its not. :rofl:

milli vanilli fraud GIF

Took your advice and gave Stephane a gentle massage. FI-01771

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And it worked!! From the Chef’s mouth:

Hello Hans!

In Flame Family 2022 release, we have added ways to connect our Python API to ffmpeg so you could create your own MP4 exports. No need to transcode exported content anymore. We provided two examples in the /opt/Autodesk/flame_2022/python_examples/ script so you could expand on these to create the various export presets you need for your deliverables. This works on both Linux and macOS for your convenience.

Look at this link for more details: Python Improvements (What's New in 2022) | Flame Products 2022 | Autodesk Knowledge Network


wow! Stepane must have really like that massage!