How to find the python names or commands that relate to menu items

Hi. I’m just starting out with python scripting.
I’m trying to make a python project template that sets a bookmark for certain places on the SAN.
Not sure where to look to find the relevant python name relating to bookmarks. Is there a list for the correct names or functions anywhere. Have had a look at the Flame help documents but don’t seem to be be able to find anything there
Any help with how to set up something like this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Alec,

I think this isn’t something that is exposed in the current api. But you can just do it by yourself, by manipulating the xml-file in which the bookmarks are organised:


Have a look at this python module:

Before going this route I would highly recommend to have a look at the token system for bookmarks. If your project structure is consistent between projects, chances are high there is no need to code anything. :slight_smile:

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