Riddle me this: Bookmarks Settings location?

Here’s the situation:

In our facility, we make a flame project folder on the nas and all the flames use that as the flame project folder. In addition, we sync the whole project folder between LA and Vancouver so you actually see setups from both cities.

Recently, every time I start up that synced project, I go to the bookmarks for the episode folder and the dailies bookmark is missing. I make one for that episode and then do my thing and exit hoping it will save. But every time I start up the project, it’s missing.

Today, I noticed someone made a new episode folder and it’s missing the dailies bookmark. I look in the flame projects folder but I don’t see any xml or config setting that enumerates the bookmarks. Vancouver sees the same thing. There’s one rogue flame that controls the booksmarks and it’s kind of driving me insane.

Any one have any ideas?

I might have to issue a bounty for the answer…


How is the sync being done? Which site is the source? Are you losing all the bookmarks for that project?

I thought bookmarks originated with the user data, not the project.

The bookmark files are called cf_bookmarks.xml
For the project section it should be in the /opt/Autodesk/project/your_project_name/status directory.
It is maybe write protected in your case.

Doing a quick test with flame not having permission to rewrite the file, no warning is given, when adding a bookmark, that the change will not be persisted.


They are 3 bookmarks files:
Project section in /opt/Autodesk/project/your_project_name/status
User section in /opt/Autodesk/user/your_user_name/status
Shared section in /opt/Autodesk/shared/bookmarks


Thank you Philippe!

This is awesome info! This will also help for scripting possibilities to generate dynamic bookmarks for episodes and shows.

Oh FYI, it was a permissions thing. I did chmod 777 on the flame/project/status/cf_bookmarks.xml file and now I can save my bookmarks from my machine.

You’re gonna issue yourself a handsome reward for figuring this out, right?

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