Bookmarks 2025

Greetings. Looking at 2025.It looks like the cf_bookmarks.xml is now cf_bookmarks.json. We used to be able to dynamically update the bookmarks by changing the file with a script or hook etc. That doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way to add bookmarks outside of the Flame app? thanks.l

Ran into the same thing when testing 2025. Managed to hack/update the script to work with JSON but it’s not pretty, haha.

Made a feature request FI-03243 to make the process possible via the API and thus making it a cleaner approach.

That came up in this weekend’s Logik Live. Fred explained the change to json as it makes version agnostic loading of these files simpler. One the tradeoffs they had to make.

Json is just a different syntax and still editable, maybe just less familiar. Though having an API is a good idea.

This is actually a defect and a fix for this could be made available soon as we may consider it for the first service pack release of 2025.


I have a script that creates the cf_bookmarks.xml file (not editing the existing one). Flame is creating a .json file to match it. I thought this was working as intended?

from my experience, if you manually (text editor for instance) add a new entry to the json file, The bookmarks get reset either the moment that you go for a bookmark, or at some interval.

$0.02 - the json bookmarks file for 2025 is robust and predictable - I just get lost in the nested curly braces.

It’s a bug that we reported (FLME-66391) and what I think Fred is was referring to as hopefully being fixed in the first service pack.

@fredwarren while the feature request came about because of the bug, I’d still argue that being able to manage bookmarks via the API would be a nice feature. Personally I can’t wrap my head around JSON and all the nesting.

This has been fixed in the 2025.0.1 version.