How to get from ACES CG in Flame to HDR on YouTube/Insta?

Hi, just trying to get in to finishing stuff up HDR. What’s the best method to take say an ACES CG master and export for YouTube or Insta in such a way that it plays back as a HDR clip?

Hello Rufus!

If you convert your ACES CG content to either Rec.2100 PQ or HLG and export the content as QuickTime, YouTube will be able to see the files as such since we embedded Colour Management tagging in the file. Note that not all Smart TV embedded YouTube applications can display HDR so make sure to test


if you want something that works on both platforms youll have to use HLG.

although id recommend exporting PQ to YT and then convert that to hlg using apple compressor with dolby metadata.

Insta is weird for hdr, doesnt work on all accounts.