ProRes Raw -> AE -> Flame: Can it be done?

I want to bring ProRes Raw (Lumix S5 w/ Ninja V) footage into ACES CG projects in Flame but I haven’t figured it out how to keep the color accurate. Since Flame can’t process ProRes Raw, I would need to process it outside of Flame and unfortunately I don’t have Baselight and I tried to use Scratch but it’s UX made me want to punch my screen. The only app that I have that can sufficiently process the plates is After Effects - the problem is that I can’t figure out how to get from AE to Flame without the color getting all wonky. I’ve been processing the footage into VLog but when I export it to Flame or Resolve it looks very dark when I use a VLog to 709 LUT. Is Baselight or Scratch the only way to get it right?

No, apparently, Blackmagic sees ProRes Raw as a competitor to their Blackmagic Raw recorder so it doesn’t work in Resolve.

Download the trial of Filmlight Daylight and use that to transcode from ProRes RAW to EXR might be the simpler option.

If you want to use After Effects to output ACES CG you will need to install Open Color IO. The AE plugin is available here:

If you follow the quick start guide (page3 in the manual) it is simple enough to install.

Once you have it working change Project Settings>Color>32 bits per channel and Working Space>None

Go to your comp and add the OCIO effect Effect>Utility>OpenColorIO to each footage layer

In the Effects Tab set OCIO up as follows:


Hit Convert and set the following settings:

Input Space>The colour space of your camera

Output Space>ACEScg

Hit Display and set the following:

Input Space>The colour space of your camera


Transform>RAW (If you want to preview what your comp will look like in REC709 select it from the drop down menu. Do not use REC709 when you render though)

Render out as 16bit EXR and we should be good to go

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Absolute Legend. Thank you!