How to import track camera

How can I import track camera through fbx in flame. Actually I wanted to import tracking data in flame. Any tutorials please help me. For importing fbx Few times I used import node and did some setting. Most of times it’s not working for me. I thing I did something wrong when I importing fbx. Suggest me tutorials.these are my setting while I’m importing camera track (In Action, right click and import_select FBX, and enable Fix to screen)


Hi @Sooraj ! I think that Grant Kay did a series on FBX workflows in Flame a few years ago. There are a few videos. Here’s a link to the first in the series:


There are many flavors of FBX. I used to stick to the oldest possible version that carries the data that I need. I think Flame successfully reads fbx2020 but some buttons and dials need to be adjusted when exporting from your 3D application.

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Hey Sooraj, you can sign up for a free trial at Logik Academy Pro and download these test elements and learn how it all works.

It starts at about about 1:05:00:00 into the video. I provide a background, camera track, and show instructions on how to do import it.

I’ve done this a bunch, and it mostly works well.
I would not use the fit to screen option.
Things that often go wrong:
People often forget to select the FBX camera as the render camera.
Often the frame range of the animation in the FBX camera is 1000 frames offset in X in the animation channels.
The camera track may also be reliant on an undistorted plate. Did you get UV’s for lens distortion?


Hey @Sooraj

There’s a script on the Logik Portal called Import Camera. When you run it you just select the FBX file and it will take care of loading the FBX into an action, switching the default camera to the FBX camera and setting up a ST map workflow for you if you have ST maps.