Exporting Cameras etc as FBX from Flame

I’ve come up against a problem. I have a camera that I’ve retimed in Flame. I need to export this to give to CG.

This has always been a pain.

Flame only exports FBX and when it does it, it slips the animation by one frame (I can never remember in which direction). Also, no software seems to be able to correctly import the FBX that Flame exports.

What I used to do is export it as 2013 and then import that into FbxConverterUI to convert it into a binary FBX.

Then I could open that in Blender (as Blender only reads binary FBX) and then fix the frame offset and export as something else like an Alembic.

Since I upgraded my Mac, FBX converter no longer works. Interested if anybody else has a solution for this, or just wants to join me in complaining. Either is welcome.

Yeah, as much as there may be better tools for tracking cameras, I too find the flame exporter to be poor (as a fellow Blender user).

Alembic export would be nice as I find it less wonky than FBX.

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Can you export the retime instead and apply it to the camera outside of Flame?

How do you suggest I do that?

I didn’t track the camera. Like you say there are WAY better tools for that. I just retimed it.

Have you tried FBX Converter?

I haven’t had to do it in a while, but basically do the timewarp in timing, then copy the timing channel, paste that into the x channel in an axis in action. Then in action, in the object tab, shift-click the x value. Save the action and select raw on export. This will create a .raw file. Change the .raw file to a .txt file. Now when you open that up you should see two columns, one with the absolute frame number and one with the timewarp frame number.

Not exactly sure how CG applies the text file to the camera thereafter, I just know that it can be done.

Also here is an explanation of how to link the timewarp to the camera in flame.

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Have you read my post?

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Forgot to add Windows to the reply

I could tell you how to bake cameras like that in nuke but that probably wont help you.

Wasnt there some maya->flame bridge type thing or was it mudbox or 3ds?

I’ve used a similar approach. Only I exported an Axis with the timing baked in the X channel. Then retime the camera in the 3D software.

:sweat_smile: It’s a solution of sorts. Thanks. But not really an ideal workflow.

Yeah definitely not

Wondering if you use Resolve/Fusion as the intermediary. I believe it can import/export FBX (maybe Alembic)

OK that’s interesting. I will try this. Thanks