HP Anyware w/ 144Hz monitors (Solved)

We’ve finally moved over to HP Anyware and I’ve run into an issue using a monitor that runs at 144Hz. As Flame uses that rate to set playback speed, everything is playing double speed, roughly.

I’ve set the refresh rate on my local NUC (Ubuntu) to 60Hz. Xrandr shows that’s the selected rate, all good there. For whatever reason HP Anyware doesn’t take that value and instead sets the display on the remote machine to 143.97. I’ve tried to manually set the refresh rate via xrandr on the remote machine but due to how Anyware deals with the display I can’t seem to set the new mode.

Does anyone have experience with remoting in with monitors that run at higher refresh rates?

EDIT: In case anyone else runs into this, the solution is setting pcoip.maximum_frame_rate=60 in the config on the host (/etc/pcoip-agent/pcoip-agent.conf)