IBC Get Together?

I will be more than happy to see you there


We will be there with @Sinan. I’m coming from Prague. I’m very excited to meet some Flame artists there.

Guys and Gals, just a few more days until IBC! So stoked to see all of you on Saturday, this should be a hoot!


cant wait i am sooo exited!!!

I do have a last minute guest so I hope we do have enough seating hahah

Well, i made a reservation for twenty-five, but this being a beer place in the middle of amsterdam, i think a couple of more will not be a problem. Loads of last minute cancellations and add-ons, so we will have to wing it… should be fun!

Thanks everybody for showing up. We had flame artists from the US, the Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic and Germany there, as well as the fabulous Stephan Labrie and Louis Martin from Canada and our Friends from Boris FX from the United Kingdom. Much more important, everybody seemed to have a great time. I certainly did.

And huge thanks to Autdesk for picking up the tab!!! Really generous!!!


Thanks to all of you for making this a great Logik event! It is always fun to have a drinks with you while talking about Flame, science and funny stuff!

I always wait for the moment to have at my demo pod a bunch of great mind Flame artists visiting!

Thanks @ChrZap for taking the time to manage the event and see you soon!

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