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Whilst I love the IBK, I’m always getting these black areas in my key, any suggestions as to how to remove them, Wide gamut linear source, happens in ACES and non ACES.
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 10.50.43

Usually, those go away when you comp your core over the IBK edge key.

If those pesky errors appear in the edge key, I suggest feeding the IBK your own clean plate. If you are already doing that then take a moment to context view your error result and the clean plate. I noticed that the errors tend to show up in the yellow-green sections of the clean plate when doing green screen keys. If you paint those yellow-green sections out the errors go away… at least in my experience

Admittedly, I just started messing with the IBK a few weeks ago so this could all be nonsense.


Also, depending on your setup, clamping the matte channel can clean out some of these.

Did you try aces cct for this?

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For once this isn’t an aces show.

Are you feeding it a hand made clean plate or are you letting it generate one itself?
Have you tried looking at the clean plate that it is generating (option in the IBK output) to see what this looks like? Any chance that the footage didn’t have gamut compression applied and you have strange values inside of those extreme highlights @paul_round :thinking:

You can mess around with the grade of the footage going into the IBK. You are only using this to pull a good matte so go crazy and see what fixes it.

I solved those by grading the plate to avoid crazy high values in highs and whites.
I only graded the plate I was using to create the matte.
Also, I build my own IBK setup as I find the hand-made one gives slightly better results compared to IBK when fed the same clean plate.

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Care to share the setup or maybe a how to video?

@ALan it’s pretty much the same as what Richard shows here and his archive (in video description) has couple of extra cool ways to create a clean plate:

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Well that would be you good sir! :sweat_smile:

Why thank you :smirk:

I actually find little to no difference in the IBK I build and the one in the matchbox. The only thing I like to do is have all of the stages available to me for any further jiggery-pokery. Also making your own clean plate is much better than letting the matchbox do it for you :wink:

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Yeah for sure … the other day green screen had some nasty folds and creases in it and setting the blur to directional and using the angle to match the creases really helped with cleaning up the edges.
It’s really worth spending extra time on creating the best clean plate possible as that’s what will ensure a good “key”.

Sorry for thread hijack.

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