Crok IBK matchbox tutorial video

Does anyone know of any tutorials for the crok IBK matchbox? I swear that I watched one a few years ago. Also, I am a total noob to this forum so…if it’s on this site or if I am posting this in the wrong area…apologies!

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@Steeezy! Welcome!

I vaguely remember an IBK tutorial… @andy_dill, @andymilkis, @greg, do you guys recall?

In the meantime, @mihran showed an amazing keying trick here…

I vaguely remember @joelosis highlighting an additive keyer technique…

Didn’t someone else on a Logik Live on keying?

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Not sure if I saw a tutorial on using crok IBK. I can tell you that IBK keys are very dependent on your clean plate being accurate. If it’s a lockoff, it’s worth it to paint in the parts of your screen that are exposed over the course of your shot instead of just using a solid color green. If the camera’s moving, stabilize the shot, if you can, to build up the clean

Although this uses Nuke, many techniques can be applied to Flame:

Flame vs Nuke in a nutshell: Flame Op will manually paint and track a clean frame while a Nuke Op will stack 10 automated clean frame nodes on top of each other. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: