Background Reactor vs Backburner

Hello All

Please excuse my ignorance. Has flame 2020+ done away with backburner?

All that seems to be available is background reactor. I used it with my flame and with the back burner farm to do some renders. There wasn’t much difference and both slower than a back burner farm in my memory.

Background Reactor requires a 2nd GPU, which, if memory serves me right, was bought for all the tillers a few years back but never got used much. Some studios lean on Backburner farms to help. Both are still available and in use depending in your studio. You’d have to ask one of your local friends what’s up.

Thanks Randy. Engineering haven’t really given me an answer. What I can see in the options of flame is either background reactor or front render there’s no option for burn as far as I can see.

I was doing some tests too. And couldn’t see too much difference between burn and reactor.

You had any experience?

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Then you either don’t have Burn nodes or your config is fecked.

I’ll go for config because the farm is still there.

And I always preferred Reactor…no networking, no wiring, automagic background timeline rendering…a much better deal for us timeline chuckleheads…no fighting with someone for sending the same Median blur to the farm 10 times an hour…but I’m a selfish American so take that with a grain of salt.

I also think that having access to both is…possibly…not an option.

Background Reactor no longer needs a second GPU:)
Been this way since like 2020 or 2020.1
I use it everyday when on a Linux machine. I guess the main thing is to have a good-awesome graphics card and a ton of ram.
When it gets close to posting and even more so delivery Background Reactor can save your evening/dinner.
It is the most Disappointing and is “Extremely Frustrating” that it is still left off of the Mac… :frowning:

I would also note that at least from my experience it is Very Reliable.

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So I need some more info.

If I have a single card it can render timeline fx in the background whilst idle.

With two cards I can render in the background from batch?

Will this work on a couple of gtx 3080?

One card is all you need. You can specify how much vram is set aside for flame (foreground) and background reactor (background).

One card on Linux means you can background render anything…timeline and Batch…anything with a render button.


@johnt Burn is still supported. The option likely doesn’t appear because it is not properly configured.

The burn software needed to be upgraded.

Bringing this topic back, i have tried using background reactor several times, but I don’t get any renders.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hello group!

Some answers:

-Burn requires a centralized Backburner Manager. Follow Backburner documentation for details.
-You need to have matching Burn version as Flame Family products. You ca have multiple versions of Burn on your nodes.
-It is possible to use Linux Burn nodes with Flame Family on macOS.

-Background Reactor can be used on single and dual GPU (Linux only). This feature works without any configuration so Paul you might want to get to support to see what is going on. You can have a look at Backburner Monitor to see if there is no tasks pending.

-Workflow is the same for single or dual GPU. TimelineFX, Batch/BFX, etc can be rendered with Background Reactor.
-Background Reactor uses your GPU(s). If you use a non qualified GPU then your mileage will vary. Keep in mind that more VRAM you have a happier Flame will be.