Imac 2020 vs IMac Pro?

Your preferred pick & why ?

Going by these benchmarks, I would pick the iMac 2020

Either or, just make sure you get the 16gb of VRAM option

I think I saw on the facebook group that someone tried the new iMac and was disappointed in the performance.

For what the iMac Pro costs, I would try to stretch and get a macpro.

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The inability to max out RAM on the iMac Pros (edited) after the fact from a cheaper 3rd party supplier pushes a iMac Pro quickly into the “shoulda bought a Mac Pro” category. 128GB of RAM is a good sweet spot, and, if memory serves me right, pushes the iMac Pro into the almost $10K mark. You can get a 12core Mac Pro w/1TB ssd, the Pro Vega II for around $9K with a Business Account. Add your own RAM a few weeks later after your first paying gig and boom.

You can install up to1 128GB of RAM on the iMac 2020. OWC sells a kit for under $600.


I forgot a word. updated my post. thanks.

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I upgraded to an iMac pro early this year by buying one off eBay. The Mac Pro was intriguing, but at the time, I wasn’t confident when business would come back to life, and wasn’t prepared to sink the money in when work was slim…

Full ADSK spec, 128G ram, 4TB HD, 64x GPU, etc… and paid $5500 for it. It was in fantastic condition, and came shipped with a custom Pelican case. It was likely used from a rental house, is my guess.

If you’re comfortable with buying used, you can save some serious cash…

Yeah that’s a great price. My machine specced the same way cost me A$15k

I just ran the logik benchmark for my Imac 2020 and the frame based renders were faster than the Imac Pro results.
It finished in 14:51. It was probably less as it took me by surprise as the dialogue box was saying longer than that.

The latest version of Flame (2021.2) fixes the issues with lens flare and substance textures.

Still the Imac 2020 is not a certified Mac workstation on the system requirements page.
One downside to the Imac 2020 compared to the Imac Pro is that there is less Thunderbolt 3(USB-c) ports on the back.