Just upgraded to a 2020 10 Core iMac

…and it’s pretty darn good! Much snappier than my old trashcan and render times are cut in half.
The benchmark was a little quicker than the 12 core Mac Pro.

I would have preferred to wait a bit longer and see how the new apple chips play out, but we needed another machine now (I’ll cycle my trashcan to offline duty).

Total cost with 16gb gpu, 4tb of owc NVME storage and 64gb ram was under $5k which is cheap enough that I don’t feel too bad for investing in soon-to-be-old tech.

Bought the istat pro app (thanks Randy) to see if more ram will be necessary. Only negative so far is I miss my superwide LG monitor…that spoiled me.


New Mac day!!!


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Thanks for the update. I have the same model on it’s way and I’m a little nervous about how it will run on it. This gives me hope!