Splice Multi Layer Single frames

Hey there.
I got a sequence of multilayer EXRs renders on 3s. So, frame 1001, 1003, 1005, etc… I have them all in a reel and when I splice them together to create a continuous sequence I loose the extra layers. MediaHub doesn’t see non continuous frames as a sequence. Any workaround for this?

Found one solution… create a pattern based OpenClip with the OpenClip Utility.
Now… (not a big deal) how can I tell Flame to display nearest frames instead of a checkerboard for missing frames?

Maybe apply a TW

Yes… two TWs actually, one to get rid of the missing frame by doing a 300 % speed up… and then a 33.33% slowdown to get back to original timing and generate inbetweens.


1, 3, 5 is odd frames, not 3’s.

my mistake. I meant 1001, 1004…

Can’t you just rename them?

I need to work on finish frames while waiting for the rest to come. Kind of like a placeholder. The workflow above works fine.