Making a clip out of a sequence of single shots

Hello Forum

Made a new project (Rec 709) and imported about 50 single shots(TIFFs) to a Reel. Now I am
wondering what’s the best approach to:

  • “animate” this single shots in order to make a simpe clip

  • set the display duration of about 2-3 seconds per shot/frame

Thank’s a lot for any feedback.


Audio and text will be added in V2 of that clip asap I start to understand Flame better:)

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Hi Joe

On the desktop reels use Repeat/ frames in clip.

Then save to library & right-click Splice Selected

That should do it👍




I have a different way and you can choose what works for you :slight_smile:

In the MediaHub, before you import your frames, you can set the still duration to 2 or 3 seconds per frame. When you import in each still, they will have the duration you want.

Select all the stills in the reel or Media Panel, right-click and choose Splice Selected. Click on another reel to make a single clip of all the frames and it’s done!

If you wish, you could also select all the segments in the timeline and hard commit them. This will give you a single clip of all your shots so that you can accidentally mess with the edit once you’re happy with it.

Good luck!



Thank’s for the promt help! Tried the second approach. In “Still Duration” there is a button TC and FRM (does that mean Timeode and Frame?).

Does mean 00:00:02+18 mean 2 seconds?

The first time I imported the single shots/frames to the default library and after dropping them to a Reel, all thumbs(of the frames) are shown properly. But after deleting all of them (beause I made a wrong setting in “Still Duration”) all Thums in the Library and as well in the Reel are marked with “Pending Render”. No idea why the content of the pictures/shots are not shown anymore…

Thanks for any additional help!

Hi Joe,

The TC = timecode and the FRM = frames. We dont know what you prefer :slight_smile:

2+18 means 2 seconds and 18 frames if you’re using 23.98 or 24 fps. If you are used to 29.97 or 25 fps, then the timecode would be 00:00:02:18. Just ensure you set the correct frame rate and the timecode display will change.

The “Pending Render” message could be that you turned CACHING on in the import menu and Flame has sent the frames to cach in the background. You can keep this as you like until the frames reappear or you can delete what you imported and ensure that CACHE and PROXY are turned off.

Hope this helps!

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Turning off CHACHE and PROXY did solve the issue with “Pending Render”. Thanks a lot for the help!

Does that mean, extending the duration of a single frame can only be archived by increasing(adding) the number of the same frame(shot)?

It turned out that the same duration for all still frame(pictures/shots) does make the clip too “static” :frowning:
Is there a way to set the duration of each frame individually? How?

Thank you!


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Hi Joe,

Glad to hear that the pending render is gone :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

  1. when you import a single frame, it is considered as an “infinite” source. You can stretch it out for as long as you like but it will only be one frame that is archived. Any media generated off a single frame such as effects work etc, will also be archived if you did that.

  2. The duration slider for importing the still frames applies to whatever you drag into the MediaHub. You are more than welcome to change it every time you import a number of frames to vary it up a bit. That will give you what you want for importing. The duration slider in the MediaHub is generic and not clip-based.

Another point to bear in mind is that because single image source clip is infinite, you can also ripple trim them in the timeline if you want them to be longer or shorter then the others.

Hope this helps!

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->Another point to bear in mind is that because single image source clip is infinite,
->you can also ripple trim themin the timeline if you want them to be longer or shorter
->than the others
Thanks for that important info! Ripple trim them in the timeline does work great :slight_smile:

–>Selected a sequence of single shots (TIFFs) in MediaHub, defined the “Still Duration”,
–>imported them to the “Default Library” and dropped them to a “Reel” (in Timeline).

–>Then selected all frames/shots residing in Reel 1, right-clicked and pressed “Slice Selected”).
–>Then clicked on an other Reel :slight_smile:
It seems that its possible to add an addtional frame to Reel 2, but this new frame
it’s not part of the clip (at least it will not be palyed in Player) …

Does that really mean I need to add the additional frames/shots to Reel 1 and then again right-click
and press “Slice Selected”), then click on an other Reel (=Reel 2) ?

But this way all my grades done in Reel 2 are lost :frowning:



To answer your question, you do not need to remake the whole sequence again if you want to add additional frames.

Just move your clip to the sequences reel and open it as a sequence. By doing this, you have set up a record timeline just like any other editing application. So you can select your new frames and edit them directly into the original timeline. You can then trim your new frames with ripple to its new length and at no point will you lose any grades that you originally did on the clip.

Flame is incredibly open and in most workflows, you should not get locked down and stuck in a corner.


Thank’s for the suggestions… This is too advanced for me at the moment… sorry but need to play more with Flame…
Dragging and dropping a still frame from the Library into Reel 2 must suffice for the moment :slight_smile:

You do realize that Grant is the guy you want helping you right now, right? Drag your clip down to the Sequences Reel (icon looks like a little stack of filmstrips) then right click it and do “Open,” then click on the Timeline tab at the bottom. You should be able to drag and drop to your heart’s content now.

Thank you for the help and sorry I did not immediately respond.

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