Importing and Exporting - frame rates


today i ran into an issue which seemed a bit strange to me. I’ve received stop-motion footage in QT ProRes 4444 in 12 and 15fps. It was graded in resolve and retouched in After Effects and Flame. Resolve and After Effects interpreted the shots in the correct frame rate. Flame flagged them as 25fps clips. All the retouched footage went to Flame to have them all together and were exported there. The result was that all clips got exported flagged as 25fps. It wasn’t a big issue to get them flagged in a correct way in After Effect or in other tools. It is more like an issue why Flame seems to be not very flexible in that regard. Or am i missing something here? Love to hear your thoughts. Best, Stefan.

Hello stefan_moo!

When Flame is not able to read the frame rate, it uses the project rate.


I guess it is just a bit strange that a lot of software recognizes these clips just fine and flame seems to struggle in that regard for whatever reason.

Is there a way to change the frame rate to a specific one in flame (12fps, 15fps, …)? If i go to “convert rate” i can only choose from a list of standard ones.