Inconsequential Poll About Nodes

chose the one you want to see improved. only one.

  • Paint
  • Text
  • Action Particle
  • Action Surface (bicubics n such)
  • Distort (spline one)
  • Deform
  • Damage
  • Regrain
  • Multi-Channel Everthing
  • Depth of Field
  • Blur
  • Keyers
  • MotionVectors (of all varieties and utility)
  • Timewarp
  • Substance Textures
  • Glow
  • Action 3D stuff - non Lighting and Rendering
  • Action 3d stuff - Lighting and Rendering
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looks like I can edit the poll so if you really wanna vote for something else you can suggest it. no promises; I’m a busy dude.

I cannot decide.

However there is something not on your list which would be ace: filtering. I get a little annoyed that picture seems to become softer in flame compared to nuke. Their cubic filtering is pretty good.

As a work around I do try resizing in log but it’s still softer. Especially when removing lens distortion.

edit I chose

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I am also struggling to pick one.

I went with Distort. The other ones I all have other options for in other programs. Distort…every time I’ve tried it in the last 10 years it has eaten my splines halfway through animating. It’s not embarrassing for me to have to go out of Flame for particles, but it’s embarrassing as all get out when the million dollar morph box from years gone by can’t do a spline morph. I get asked to do a morph about once every three years, though…


Well, I wanted surface tools in action for the exact same functionality.

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I can’t help but feel like this is a response to the Let’s talk about Text, baby thread where apparently Text was the #1 request for an update.

I wonder if you allowed multiple vote options which one would continuously be selected by most people along with other stuff.

I’m not going to say that Text is the most exciting thing I do on Flame and if I am asked to choose one from the above I am more likely to choose Distort (spline) because I have to use Extended Bicubics to get around that one.

Or my lens distort pipeline continues to frustrate me although I have found ways to work around that one.

I am one of the few who uses cache on nodes (yellow button) but I know that it can be unstable.

Who wouldn’t want a new keyer?

:thinking: I think I can play the game and choose just one but I won’t be happy with my choice :rofl:

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Some folks know what’s up.


it is.

limiting everyone to one vote demonstrates the diversity of the wishlist better than a buffet of options. Also, if my own buffet experience is any indication, most of us would vote for most everything and the takeaway would be “people think Glow is fine as-is”

also worth noting: Paint presently has zero votes. 2016 me is losing his fucking mind. haha.


That specific option was added as bait. :smiley:

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Personally I would like to see optic come back and work the way it used to. It used to be really nice. Now it’s about has all the sensitivity of a ball-peen hammer.

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I am happy that i can keep changing my vote

Aren’t they all though?

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Oh wait :rofl: I can see that you called it “Inconsequential”. :face_exhaling:

I have been unable to work. Just switching my vote every few minutes.

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But… I WANT IT ALL!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keyers, specifically for blue / green screen. We still have nothing as good as keylight, (IMO), which is a real concern for me now that sparks are deprecated.

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I agree, but Primatte via Silhoutte is powerful.

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That maybe, but I’m looking for a solution within flame.

Paint is pretty good in flame. So much better than Nuke and it does what I need it to for comping.

These days if I need anything more, I use Procreate.

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Indeed. There are a few things I would love to see in Paint, and just had a few items on that in the RUG submissions. But I voted for the keyers, as I think they’re further behind and harder to use than they have to be. Paint in Flame is good enough for most things, and there are alternative tools that fill the gap that are fine workflow wise. Other nodes are much harder to roundtrip for if necessary. Also it just got some love, so most folks probably think, it’s not going to be a priority for more changes soon.

It’s a good poll as Andy put it, because it highlights where people have their paint points. There are always a lot of things that could be better in a perfect world, but all of us have different things that hold us back the most. Which is why it’s not trivial for ADSK to pick and make folks happy.

Overall I find though that ADSK is looking the most at the feature improvement votes, and yet so many of us don’t peruse that list or keep voting. How many posts have you seen lately where an issue has been in the list for a long time and people complain about it, but didn’t vote it up? Seems like a regular thing, and I’m totally guilty of it. So much easier to just write a post and gripe here than place your chips on that somewhat cumbersome roulette wheel.

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