Please upvote my feedback request for improving the resize node

Hey all

Happy New Year

I’m really struggling with the resize node right now - I can never quite match the ol’ Baselight

Please upvote my feedback request if you agree we could do with some more functions in the resize effect (exact scale factor/repeat edge pixels/more filters)

Thanks so much

Gareth Parry




I have done so, however something many people don’t realize is that almost every value you can enter can be entered with up to 9 decimals. It may round up or down in the gui, but if you look at the animation channels in the ascii file, it will be as entered. I cannot attest that this is the case with exact scale factor, since I am not in front of the box at the moment, but with most values it holds true.


@GParry , is using Action an option to match ze Baselight?

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I didn’t know that! Thanks for the tip.

Thanks Randy, Action can do the scale, bit I lose filtering options.

Action has Surface filtering options, which, for me, provide good results.

I agree, but the fact of the matter is, you can’t use them on import or export. Not a big issue for me, but I can see how it could be for others.

Sometimes I get an Action resize from an AAF but am I correct in thinking that Flame doesn’t export AAFs with my action resize?

Flame AAFs don’t export with any resize data unfortunately. I’ve tried using resize, 2d transform, action and image. None work.


Yes I don’t see any use to export AAF’s in comparison with EDL’s. I reverted back to exporting EDL’s to baselight/grading. Even the metadata of shotnames is better with EDL’s.

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Hey - yes I think 3D Warp effects from Avid come in as Actions - but no export out of any effects in AAF

Closest I have got is 2D transform set to ‘pan and scan’ to reveal some further filtering options. But no bicubic available in 2D transform even in this mode? Flame is so patchy with this stuff!

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Upvoted! Thanks for sharing.