I’m working on a music video and I had a wonderful idea to do it in Infrared. I’ve sold it to the client already and can’t go back. It looks good when static but when you start to play with moving images - it’s a nightmare with a noise.
1 question - what was that killer-noise software you have spoken about here?
2 question - for whose who payed already with that kind of images. I’m using hoya72 as a filter withour a conversion of camera. I’m doing time lapses so long exposition time and low iso , but still I have very limited informations and a lot of noise. If I was to made a conversion of camera, of course I would gain on exposition time but - would it reduce the grain?

What camera are you using? You say “low iso.” On some cameras the lowest iso is artificially generated, (meaning that there is an electronic process applied to the image after exposure . . . sort of) and as such can get noisy. And have you considered a camera that has had an IR conversion? My guess is that it would be far less noisy.

it’s canon 5D markIII or canon 7D
That’s exactly the question I’m asking my self if conversion changes something

You lose a LOT of light with an IR lens mounted filter which allows IR to pass. It acts as an ND filter as well, and it is basically fighting with the IR filter built into the camera which is designed to remove IR. I would not be surprised if you could rent an IR converted camera. I think it is relatively simple to do (if you are a camera tech.) I believe the results will be far less noisy.

Neat Video is the tool.

I was under the impression that in order to do true infrared you need to have a specialty astrophotographers camera or crack open your camera and remove some kind of filter. An external filter is indicative of results but not ideal for results, I think.

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I think the astrophotography camera you speak of is just a bigass lens and IR film.

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Nah, really? This looks good.

It’s basically the same camera with the IR filter removed. Factory converted, so to speak. They make it sound special, like Sugar in the Raw.