Rolling Shutter Repair

Hi guys, just seeing some transcodes for an upcoming job that they used the BMPCC6k on, and I see a lot of rolling shutter issues.

I can honestly say it’s been a while since I’ve dealt with this issue. I think last time I used AE back in 2015, and heck even iMovie.

Has anybody come across any secret sauce, or have any tips.


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There was that Occulus plug-in in Nuke that everyone used back in the early days of digital cameras. Haven’t had to deal with this in a long time though. I’m a bit out of practise.

Thanks! We prob still have licenses for that from the VR days, will check it out.

I feel like @lewis posted a video with a trick for it. I did it once e and it involved some combination of pixel spread, motion timewarp and gradient.

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ah yeah, I remember that now. You just woke up the synapse with that nudge. Cheers

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was researching how to de-Jello my footage and stumbled across this thread. here’s Lewis’ clever solve (dating back to 2014!) but it’s really just fixing horiz skew…


3dequalizer has a awesome way of fixing rollingshutter:

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