Instagram HDR

its happening - Instagram is now slowley rolling out HDR video for reels.

Get ready for it :tada::tada::tada:

example here

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interesting. wonder if this is a big change for us or just another social media deliverable. is this only viewable on the last iPhone to come out?

OMG for a second i thought that guy was SITTING on that bar behind him. dude is RIPPED


well you cant just do as always and deliver hdr thats one thing, new hardware bust mostly
workflows are in order.

bascially work scene reffered, grade after comp,

grading creates both sdr and hdr versions

you then have 2 sources to conform your final deliverables from, (or one HDR with a sdr trim β€œlut”/metdata)

OR maybe its a good idea to push the trim pass resposibility to finishing and only grade HDR.

then you add SDR and HDR graphics, its 2 passes there is lots of ways you can make sdr graphics work in hdr or even create HDR graphics, and that whole area is creatively still to be explored/exploited. How bright should a fake lens flare be? Or how bright is a corner logo or the endchart?
etc lots of stuff to figure out when it comes to commercials.

stuff like aces helps tremendously there. but its going to be a journey