Uhhhh... Dolby Vision on Iphone 13? Anyone?

I’m sure everyone will be asking for this now, since they can shoot it on their phone. Interesting…


you can shoot Dolby vision on the iphone 12 pro /mini etc also, most people complained that their videos look like crap when uploaded because nobody had implemented the hdr-> sdr downconversion so they would show a dull looming HLG instead on instagram etc.

did not trigger the wave of hdr useage (yet) .

Also its not real dolby vision - its HLG with “dynamic metadata” that you can not change, same thing vimeo now supports so basically slapping on dolby name onto things, has 0 to do with the dolby vision your TV does.

I am much more interested in how they package the RGB+ Depth data in prores or h265

oh and also you can playback HDR all the way back to the iPhone 8.

I am going to talk about the state of HDR and what I think will be next for commercials this friday at hamburg logik UG :slight_smile:

Oh and apples event livestream wasnt even In HDR … :man_shrugging:


I will say, it makes my ski videos really pop when watched on the phone. I’ve become mostly indifferent to HDR, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the iPhone 12’s utilization.

I can’t speak to what they look like when pulled into a flame because I’m far too lazy to do that. Haha.

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its just HLG so its pretty easy to ingest :slight_smile: Be sure to turn your iPhones or macbook/imac display to like 80% before watching, how it works is that it uses the left over brightness of your display for the extended highlights. so ehen you do 100% brightness you get none of the hdr.

sadly there is also a limit to how low you can go for some reason, so 10% display brightness will not go all the way to 100% in HDR which it really should for the full
experience, Inhavent measured it though but I should :stuck_out_tongue:

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How do you shoot in Dolby Vision?
Pardon my ignorance, but I was under the assumption that Dolby Vision was HDR display. Does the phone create the Dolby Vision metadata on the fly as you record?
Am I missing something or are they just capable of enough DR to later be presented as HDR and Dolby let them use their name to corner the HDR market by association with Apple?

I was asking that exact question last year, and yes it just creates dynamic metadata during recording. I was not able to decode the metadata track but I can see the track using ffmpeg … but yea I dont have a decoder for it. so its like a tc aux track in a h265 container that has the metadata, same goes when you export dolby vision 8.4/HLG from compressor or FCPX.

Dolby Vision describes many things and this new profile 8.4 with HLG and Metadata is made to confuse consumers into thinking their phone is “dolby vision” have you seen the DOLBY stickers on old laptops? that whole company is … weird… to say the least.

Oh and its all the same standard as vimeos “Dolby vision” I like to call it “Diet Dolby Vision”


Gotcha. Thanks. I’m not a super tech savvy guy, but I have a finely tuned bullshit-o-meter :slight_smile:


happy Cakeday @vkastrup !


Thank Randy! And thanks for running this joint.