Installing External Raid

Hey all. I’m about to connect my thunder bay and before I do I was just wondering if there is a resource I should use for setting it up as the Flame Framestore. Can I do this after Flame is installed or should I uninstall Flame then connect the raid and install. Also, the raid will be managed by soft raid, should I set that up first? help! haha. Thanks in advance. :smiley:

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I have an older Thunder Bay on my trashcan, I would setup soft raid first.

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Ah…setting up the soft raid, you definitely want to pre certify your drives. Depending on drive size, that could take 48-96 hours. yes, that long, and yes, its worth it. Follow the tutorial videos here…

You can do this whenever you want, really. You can have multiple framestores at the same time which are choosable in the Project Launcher. Absolutely no need to uninstall Flame first. Just go into Flame Setup / Media Storage, click Add, navigate to what you want your Framestore to be, then boom. Bob’s your Uncle.

Thanks, @Jason_Kalinoski this is great!

Good to know, thanks @randy. I’m currently running the certification as I’m just setting up the new machine so figured best to go through all the steps and not skimp.

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What’s the new system? I’m trying to talk myself into a new Mac

I got a Mac Pro. Sat in the Apple checkout bag for weeks before I finally pulled the trigger. My specs are Hardware:

  • 3.3GHz 12‑core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz
  • 32GB (4x8GB) of DDR4 ECC memory
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • Radeon Pro Vega II with 32GB of HBM2 memory

Plus an added 128gb of Ram (4x32GB) from OWC.

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The certification is a must. I found a bad drive upon certification. Also, please please please have an extra drive or two on hand, have the patience to certify them upon delivery, and before you put anything on them, put some test data on, physically pull a drive out, see the errors, and practice rebuilding the volume. Its super easy, but, it is worth practicing ahead of time.