Efficient use of Raids

i’m considering adding an internal nvme raid to my Macpro, but wanted to ask a question or two…

Once its added, would i set up an Autodesk Managed Media folder on the internal raid, rather than on my main Pegasus raid (like i currently do)?
Is it this managed media folder that many others refer to as the framestore?

Is there a guide available that walks through all the steps to working efficiently with multiple raid systems?
I’ve always worked with a setup that has a single big raid onto which all the rushes, graphics etc and the Autodesk Managed Media folder are all located, and i’m a little unsure what the prefered methodology is.


Yes, you set your Managed Media folder to your internal raid.
Yes, people usually refer to their managed media folder as the framestore.

As to working with multiple raids, there are different workflows.
Some people keep the dailies on a slower raid, then cache to a fast raid.
That way if one of the two raids fails, they still have a backup.
Or you can copy the dailies to your fast raid and soft import from there instead of caching.
That should give you the speed of your faster drives without giving up control of your files to Flame.

I think Flame does an incredibly poor job of explaining to the user how its data management works.
I’ve had to kinda figure it gradually by myself - so I apologize if any of the above is wrong.



Thanks Ted, appreciate the help.

Is it safe therefore deleting files from ManagedFolder to clear up drive space? All contents are cache files only correct? so can be re-rendered if required (unless footage etc has been copied into this folder for some reason)

I don’t think thats a good idea, if you mean manually deleting them.

You need to archive projects, then delete the project from within Flame. Then when you’ve deleted all the projects you need to remove, run vic to check Flame has removed any un needed files.

I just did this with around 140 projects (!)…took me four days but once the archives had been compressed (using Keka) and recovered over 6tb of space.

This link is worth a read…

Absolutely not. That is your managed framestore and that is never to be touched manually.

so that’s a no then haha glad I checked (although I had made duplicate copy). Thanks guys

I think you’re right in theory, though.

I’ve deleted files files straight out of that folder before.
I think I moved or renamed them first, started Flame to check for any problems, then sent them to the trash.
I like to live dangerously. :sunglasses:


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It’s the endless story. I see that Ninety-five percent of people who start in flame feel a powerful force that calls them to delete or move cache files from Media folder.

Yeah except I started on Flame 20 years ago - we had onsite engineers so just did post work and never had to worry about this boring system maintenance side of things that comes with flying solo.


So true. 20 years on Linux and I know nothing. I couldn’t even mount a drive if I wanted to. Having a Mac system has made things a little easier. Much more willing to have a mess around in an OS I am familiar with.

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