Interesting AI Hair Detail Technique

Just fiddling around with Stable Warp Fusion, using it for all sorts of interesting enhancements. Here’s an example of using it to fix dodgy hair detail and tricky spill:


quite cool

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Very cool.

Another interesting source for hair assets - export Frame in EXR, open in Photoshop and use generative in-fill with a hair prompt. It will actually match and blend it very good. But it’s a single frame, so you have to animate that back into your sequence (ext bi-cubic, etc.). You can get it as a patch on transparency in Photoshop, as generative in-fill will work on an adjustment layer in Photoshop which remains isolated.

You temporarily have to convert the 32bit image in Photoshop to 16bit and disable tone mapping when doing so for the generative tools to work, and then scale back up to 32bit after wards. But the round trip is seamless.

Gives you a lot of options with Photoshops new ML tools.